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Landmark Name Reference Number County Description NHLDate NHLYear City or Town
*Haymarket Martyrs' Monument* 97000343 Cook A monument in Waldheim Cemetery commemorating the Haymarket Riot. 2/18/1997 1997 Forest Park
*U-505* (German Submarine) 89001231 Cook German U-Boat at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago 6/29/1989 1989 Chicago
Adlai E. Stevenson II Farm 03000918 Lake Home of several-time candidate for United States President Adlai E. Stevenson II. 4/22/2014 2014 Mettawa
Adler Planetarium 87000819 Cook First and oldest planetarium in the western hemisphere. 2/27/1987 1987 Chicago
Arthur H. Compton House 76000687 Cook Home of Nobel Prize–winning physicist who proved light has both wave and particle aspects, the Compton Effect. 5/11/1976 1976 Chicago
Arthur Heurtley House 00000258 Cook Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house. 2/16/2000 2000 Oak Park
Auditorium Building 70000230 Cook Building designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan. 5/15/1975 1975 Chicago
Avery Coonley House 70000243 Cook Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home, in Riverside Historic District 12/30/1970 1970 Riverside
Bishop Hill Colony 70000244 Henry Historic district of Swedish dissident commune founded in 1846. 4/27/1970 1970 Bishop Hill
Carson, Pirie, Scott, and Company Store 70000231 Cook Architect Louis Sullivan-designed building. 5/15/1975 1975 Chicago
Charles G. Dawes House 76000706 Cook Home of Charles Gates Dawes, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Vice President to Calvin Coolidge. 12/8/1976 1976 Evanston
Chicago Board of Trade Building 78003181 Cook Skyscraper designed by Holabird & Root, housed the world's largest trading floor when built in 1930. 6/2/1978 1978 Chicago
Columbus Park 91000567 Cook *Magnum opus* of landscape architect Jens Jensen. 7/31/2003 2003 Chicago
Crow Island School 89001730 Cook An elementary school designed by Perkins + Will and Eliel & Eero Saarinen. Model for the now-widespread Winnetka Plan school design. 12/14/1990 1990 Winnetka
Daniel Hale Williams House 75000655 Cook The former home of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, one of the first major African American surgeons. 5/15/1975 1975 Chicago
F.F. Tomek House 99000632 Cook A Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Riverside Historic District 1/20/1999 1999 Riverside
Farnsworth House 04000867 Kendall A one-room home designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. 2/17/2006 2006 Plano
Fort Sheridan Historic District 80001379 Lake An area originally established as a United States Army Post. The campus was designed by Holabird & Roche. 4/20/1984 1984 Fort Sheridan
Frances Willard House 66000318 Cook Former home of temperance reformer Frances Willard, and longtime headquarters of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. 6/23/1965 1965 Evanston
Frank Lloyd Wright Home And Studio 72000456 Cook Former home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright. 1/7/1976 1976 Oak Park
Frank R. Lillie House 76000696 Cook Former home of embryologist Frank Rattray Lillie. 5/11/1976 1976 Chicago
Frederick C. Robie House 66000316 Cook A Prairie style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908. 11/27/1963 1963 Chicago
Grosse Point Lighthouse 76000707 Cook A lighthouse on the shores of Lake Michigan, built in 1873 the wake of several shipping disasters. 1/20/1999 1999 Evanston
Hegeler-Carus Mansion 95000989 LaSalle Designed by Chicago architect William W. Boyington for Edward C. Hegeler, a partner in a nearby zinc company. It was later the home of his son-in-law, publisher and philosopher Paul Carus. 3/29/2007 2007 LaSalle
Henry Gerber House 15000584 Cook Gerber established the Society for Human Rights, the first American gay rights organization, here in the 1920s. 7/21/2015 2015 Chicago
Hull House 66000315 Cook One of the first settlement houses in the U.S., founded by Jane Addams. 6/23/1965 1965 Chicago
Ida B. Wells-Barnett House 74000757 Cook Former home of civil rights advocate Ida B. Wells. 5/30/1974 1974 Chicago
Illinois and Michigan Canal Locks And Towpath 66000332 Will A canal that helped establish transportation from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. It established Chicago as a major center of commerce. 1/29/1964 1964 Joliet
Isidore H. Heller House 72000450 Cook A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house. 8/18/2004 2004 Chicago
James Charnley House 70000232 Cook One of the few surviving residential works of Louis Sullivan and features major contributions by Frank Lloyd Wright. 8/5/1998 1998 Chicago
Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Homesite 76000690 Cook Home of a Chicago's first settler, an African-American. 5/11/1976 1976 Chicago
John Deere Home and Shop 66000327 Ogle Site of the invention of the first steel plow by John Deere. 7/19/1964 1964 Grand Detour
John Farson House 72000454 Cook The most famous work of George Washington Maher. 6/19/1996 1996 Oak Park
John J. Glessner House 70000233 Cook A 19th century house designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. 1/7/1976 1976 Chicago
Kennicott Grove 73000698 Cook The home of Robert Kennicott, an American naturalist. 1/7/1976 1976 Glenview
Leiter II Building 76000695 Cook Longtime flagship store of Sears, Roebuck & Co., designed by William Le Baron Jenney. 1/7/1976 1976 Chicago
Lincoln Park Lily Pool 06000235 Cook An example of Prairie School landscape architecture designed by Alfred Caldwell. 2/17/2006 2006 Chicago
Lorado Taft Midway Studios 66000317 Cook Studios of sculptor Lorado Taft, designed by Pond & Pond. 12/21/1965 1965 Chicago
Marquette Building 73000697 Cook Skyscraper designed by Holabird & Roche. 1/7/1976 1976 Chicago
Marshall Field Company Store 78001123 Cook Designed by Daniel Burnham, it was the longtime flagship store of Marshall Field's. 6/2/1978 1978 Chicago
Mazon Creek Fossil Beds 97001272 Grundy Lagerstätte of fossils, best known as one of the only sites where Tully Monsters were found. 9/25/1997 1997 Morris
Montgomery Ward Company Complex 78001125 Cook The former warehouse and offices of the national headquarters of one of the nation's first mail order companies, Montgomery Ward. 6/2/1978 1978 Chicago
Old Kaskaskia Village 66000324 LaSalle The best-documented Native American village in the Illinois River Valley. 7/19/1964 1964 Ottawa
Old Stone Gate, Chicago Union Stockyards 72000451 Cook Entrance to the famous Union Stock Yards, designed by John Wellboorn Root. 5/29/1981 1981 Chicago
Orchestra Hall 78001127 Cook A symphony hall designed by Daniel Burnham. 4/19/1994 1994 Chicago
Oscar Stanton DePriest House 75000646 Cook Home of the first post-Reconstruction African-American US congressman. 5/15/1975 1975 Chicago
Owen Lovejoy House 73000690 Bureau Home of prominent abolitionist Owen Lovejoy. 2/18/1997 1997 Princeton
Pullman Historic District 69000054 Cook Another historic district of the Pullman Company, including the Hotel Florence. 12/30/1970 1970 Chicago
Reliance Building 70000237 Cook A building designed by Burnham & Root. 1/7/1976 1976 Chicago
Riverside Historic District 69000055 Cook Planned community designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. 8/29/1970 1970 Riverside
Robert A. Millikan House 76000699 Cook Home of Robert A. Millikan, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. 5/11/1976 1976 Chicago
Robert S. Abbott House 76000686 Cook A home of Robert S. Abbott, founder of the *Chicago Defender* newspaper. 12/8/1976 1976 Chicago
Rock Island Arsenal 69000057 Rock Island An arsenal and site of a large Union prison camp. 6/7/1988 1988 Rock Island
Rookery Building 70000238 Cook An office building designed by Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root. 5/15/1975 1975 Chicago
Room 405, George Herbert Jones Laboratory 67000005 Cook The laboratory that first isolated plutonium and determined its atomic mass. 5/28/1967 1967 Chicago
S.R. Crown Hall 01001049 Cook Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-designed architecture school building at Illinois Institute of Technology 8/7/2001 2001 Chicago
Sears, Roebuck and Company 78001129 Cook The headquarters of Sears, Roebuck and Company for almost seven decades. 6/2/1978 1978 Chicago
Second Presbyterian Church 74000754 Cook This church is a masterpiece of the Arts and Crafts movement with an interior by Howard Van Doren Shaw. 3/11/2013 2013 Chicago
Shedd Aquarium 87000820 Cook Formerly the largest indoor aquarium in the world. 2/27/1987 1987 Chicago
Site of the First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction 66000314 Cook Site of the First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction. 2/18/1965 1965 Chicago
South Dearborn Street-Printing House Row North Historic District 76000705 Cook Encompasses four architecturally significant skyscrapers. 1/7/1976 1976 Chicago
Starved Rock 66000325 LaSalle A Sandstone butte overlooking the Illinois River, purportedly the site of a massacre of the Illinois Confederation. 10/9/1960 1960 Ottawa
The Wayside 66000320 Cook Home of Henry Demarest Lloyd. 11/13/1966 1966 Winnetka
Ulysses S. Grant Home 66000322 Jo Daviess A house given to General of the Army Ulysses S. Grant following the Civil War. Grant was elected President of the United States while residing here. 12/19/1960 1960 Galena
Unity Temple 70000240 Cook A temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 12/30/1970 1970 Oak Park